The Bible Says

Hello to our Brothers and Sisters (wherever you may live), 

We are glad that you have sought us out via our web site.  It will never take the place of person-to-person, face-to-face acquaintance, but as you browse through it, may you discover a little of our character and belief in Jesus here in Wilmington, Ohio.

Summer has passed quickly, school has begun, and the weather is providing us with little hints of the autumn to come.  We all have our favorite season and look forward to the weather we find most comfortable to us personally.  Some of us relish the coming chill and autumn beauty in the trees as nature winds down for its winter sleep.  Others folks bloom in the heat and sunshine of summer, finding their joy in nature as plants grow and reach maturation.  Spring brings out those who refresh themselves in the increasing daylight and warmth that calls the trilliums and may apples out of hibernation.  And finally, hardier folks prefer to experience the icy beauty of frost and snowfall, delighting in crunching foot steps as they head out to make snow angels. 

I am so glad God has given us such diverse opinions of what part of nature is most enjoyable.  He has given us the option to choose for ourselves what time of year we enjoy the most.  He has also given us the  right to choose what sort of life we want to live, where we wish to reside, whom we select to marry, how many children we want to have, and the list continues.  Such freedom we are offered but such risks we take in not seeking the leading of Jesus in all that we decide to do. 

Our prayer for you is that you will find Jesus as Lord of your life and Leader of your decisions.  May the Creator of all Nature, the One who brought the seasons into existence, draw you into a close relationship with Him.  May you find that your greatest freedom in life is found in following His leading and His Word. 

As always, may the Lord keep you safe wherever He leads you in life. If His leading brings you to southwest Ohio, please stop in and visit.  We meet on Saturday mornings and welcome all visitors with friendship and a hot meal.  Truckers will find plenty of parking space for a semi-rig or can contact us for a ride to church.

In Christian Love,
Your Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ in Wilmington, Ohio

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